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Dry Block Heat Bath
This economical microprocessor controlled dry block heat bath can run either two tube-blocks or one microtiter block.
The digital LCD readout monitors the temperature in REAL-TIME and displays the target temperature.
The heating range goes from 5 °C over room- temperature to 150°C at a temperature stability of +/- 0,2°C.
The microprocessor controlled unit has a RS232-port and a timer from 1 to 9999 minutes.
A number of different blocks and the possibility to offer custom made blocks garant maximum flexibility.
The instrument is compact 26 x 20 x 8,5 cm(TxBxH) and needs only the space of a DIN A4 page. The weight is 2,9 kg without blocks.
Cat. # Description Form
L001-I Dry block heat bath for two blocks
L001-III Dry block heat bath for one block
L001-20/30 20x1,5/30x0,5 ml Combiblock, double sided
L001-24P 24 x 1,5/2,0 ml Block parallel
L001-24K 24 x 1,5 ml Block conical
L001-64K 64 x 0,2 ml Block conical
L001-1215 12 x 15 ml Block 15ml tubes
L001-0450 4 x 50 ml Block 50ml tubes
L001-2010 20 x 10 mm Block 10 mm Tubes
L001-2013 20 x 13 mm Block 13 mm Tubes
L001-1216 12 x 16 mm Block 16 mm Tubes
L001-1220 12 x 20 mm Block 20 mm Tubes
L001-0425 4 x 25 mm Block 25 mm Tubes
Blocks for Microtiter plates only for use in L001-I
Cat. # Description Form
L001-96MTP 96 wells Mikrotestplatte universal
L001-96T 96 x 0,2 Tubes für Cycler
Mini Dry Block Heat bath II
This small dry block heat bath is a very economical alternative to large-scale multi block heat bathes. The heating range goes from ambient to +100°C, the active and choosed target temperature is read at the LCD-display. The lid of the dry block heat bath may be closed to protect user from high temperated blocks and to increase temperature stability.
The aluminium block -1 has capacity for 21 x 0,5 ml and 32 x 1,5 ml tubes.
The aluminium block -2 has capacity for 50 x 0,2 ml tubes, 21 x 0,5 ml and 32 x 1,5 ml tubes.
It takes 25 minutes to reach the maximum temperature of 100°C, the temperature stability is 0,2°C.
Specification: dimension 21 x 20 x 10 cm, weight: 4kg
power: 220 Volt/50Hz/400 Watt
Cat. # Description Form
L019 / L019-1 Dry block heat bath incl. Block 53 places
L019 / L019-2 Dry block heat bath incl Block 103 Places
Mini Dry Block Heat and Cool bath -10 to +100°C
In most molecularbiology laboratories is it necessary to control temperature of the used enzymes and reagent-mixes. This compact and small dry block cool bath is a very economical alternative to ice buckets with the advantage to keep samples on a specific temperature. The instrument is working on the peltier principle with a temperature range from - 10°C to +100°C.

The temperature settings are made by touch pad and shown by a digital display.
Two modells are available: block for 20 x 0,5 ml and 12 x 1,5 ml tubes, total 32 places and block for 20 x 1,5 ml tubes.

Specification: dimension 190 x 225 x 115 mm, weight: 4,1 kg
power: 220 Volt/50Hz/400 Watt
Cat. # Description block version
L022-N-32 Dry block cool bath 20x0,5/12x1,5 ml
L022-N-20 Dry block cool bath 20x1,5 ml
Mini Dryblock Heatbath RT to +100°C
This compact unit in attractive, easy to clean design is useful for long time temperation of samples in three most used microcentrifuge formats. The heating area is from 5°C over RT (25°C) up to +100°C, the current and choosed temperature is shown at the LCD

  • round format alu-block with wells for 24 x 1,5 ml - 15 x 0,5 ml - 10 x 0,2 ml tubes

  • Temperature stability: 0,1°C at 37°C

  • 96-hours -timer with acustic alert

  • fast heating from 25°C - 100°C in only 16 minutes

  • dimensions: 210 x 230 x 110 mm, weight: 3,1 kg

  • power: 220/240 Volt / 50/60 Hz / 200 Watt
  • Cat. # Description Blockversion
    L015-K Trockenblockheizgerät Kombi inkl. Block für 49 Plätze
    Thermo - Shaker
    This Thermo-Shaker is reliable, compact unit, useful for all applications, when microcentrifuges must be heated, shaked or both functions at same time. Six different blocks and easy handling represent the unit when working with DNA-analysis, DNA-extraction, at biochemical and enzymatical processes.


  • microprocessor controlled temperature, speed and time
  • independent control of speed and temperature
  • shaking speed: 250 - 1.400rpm., orbit 2 mm
  • heating range: 5°C over RT to 100°C
  • heating speed: 25°C -37 °C in 10 min,
    37°C to 100°C in 27 min
  • timer 1 minute to 96 hr
  • weight: 4,0 kg, dimension 205x230x130 mm, power extern:12 Volt/4,16 Ampere
  • Cat. # Description
    L056 Thermo - Shaker
    L056-32 block for 20x0,5 ml and 12x1,5 ml Tubes
    L056-20 block for 20x1,5 ml tubes
    L056-20-2.0 block for 20x2,0 ml tubes
    L056-24-2.0 Block for 24 x 2.0 ml Tubes
    L056-32-02 Block for 20x0,2 ml and 12x1,5 ml Tubes
    L056-96 Block for 96-well PCR-plates (half- or without skirt)
    This Thermo-Shaker is more flexibel through his cooling function as the previous described one. A compact unit, useful for all applications wheremicro centrifuge tubes must be cooled, heated or shaked or the combination of these functions is necessary. Six different blocks and easy handling presents the unit as ideal instrument for application at DNA-analysis, DNA-extraction, biochemical and enzymatic processes as well as preparation cell material.

  • microprocessor controlled temperature, speed and time/li>
  • independent control of temperature and speed

  • shaking speed: 250 - 1400 rpm

  • amplitude: 2 mm

  • temperature range: +4°C to +100°C

  • temperature control range 15°C below roomtemerature to 100°C
  • heating rate: 5°C / min.

  • coooling rate 100°C bis RT: 5°C / min.;

  • RT bis 18°C under RT: 1,8°C / min.
  • Timer: 1 min. to 96 Std.

  • dimensions: 205 x 230 x 130 mm

  • weight: 4 kg

  • Power: external power supply DC 12V, 4,16 A
  • picture at side shows block L058-96
    Cat. # Description
    L058 Thermo-Shaker-Cool
    L058-32 Block for 20 x 0.5 ml & 12 x 1,5 ml
    L058-20 Block for 20 x 1,5 ml
    L058-20-2.0 Block for 20 x 2,0 ml
    L058-32.02 Block for 20 x 0,2 ml & 12 x 1,5 ml
    L058-96 Block für 96-well PCR-plates half scirted/no scirt
    Thermomixer 4-99°C
    Mixing and incubation or cooling are essential steps of molecularbiological techniques. This unit is shaking your samples efficient with an orbit of 3mm and keeps temperature in a wide range from 4 to 99°C. The microprocessor controlled electronic and high quality peltiers guarantees temperature accuracy and - constanty. Thermomixer is easy to use by 9 programms with 9 steps each. 4 easy interchangable blocks ensure for necessary flexibility during the daily work in the lab.


  • temperature range: 4 - 99°C
  • temperature stability: +/- 0,5°C
  • shaking speed: 300 - 1500 rpm to set in steps of 50
  • heating speed: 5°C/min
  • cooling speed: 4°C/min from 99 to 20°C; 1°C/min from 20 to 4°C
  • all given data given for temperature range from 15 bis 35°C
  • optional available with RS 232 interface
  • weight: 5,9 kg inclusive block
  • dimensions 190 x 190 x 325 mm
  • power 125 Watt , 230V/115V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Cat. # Description
    L057 Thermomixer 4-99°C
    L057-0.2 Block for 96 x 0,2 ml tubes
    L057-0.5 Adapter for 60 x 0,5ml Tubes
    L057-1.5 Block for 24 x 1,5 ml tubes
    L057-2.0 Block for 24 x 2,0 ml tubes
    Shaking-Incubator for Microtestplates or Microcentrifugetubes
    The Shaking Incubator allows you to heat and shake your samples simultaneously. A microprocessor controlled temperature/time-modul guarantees an evan temerature stability. The temperature transfer by air recirculation heats your sample fast and independent from long warm up times. Choosed and real temperature are shown on the digital LCD-display, the clear acrylic lid allows a visual control. The unit is equipped with a security switch, which stops the shaking process when opening the lid.

  • temperature range: 37°C to 80°C

  • temperature uniformity: +/- 0,3°C

  • Speed: 250 – 1.250 r.p.m., amplitude: 3mm

  • timer 0-9 Std, 59 min

  • LED

  • heatingpower: 300 Watt

  • dimensions: 280 x 240 x 210mm, weight: 9,0 kg
  • Cat. # Description
    L051 Shaking-Incubator
    L051-1,5 Platform for 56 x 1,5/2,0ml Tubes
    L051-0.5 Platform for 192 x 0,5 ml Tubes
    L051-0.5P Platform for 4 Microtiter plates
    Shaker-Incubator for Flasks
    The Shaker-incubator for flasks of different volumens is a basic unit in the cell- and molecularbiological laboratory . Due to the flexibility regarding temperature, shaking speed and holders for different flasks the shaker-incubator is useful for the cultivation of microorganisms, human-, animal-, plant- and Insect celles. This large volume incubator is equipped with a 99 hours timer for continuous work.

  • temperature range: 25°C to 80°C, temperature setting resolution: 0,1°C

  • shaking speed: 50 – 250 rpm, orbit: 20 mm

  • timer 1 min - 96 hours

  • LED-display

  • dimension: platform 400 x 360 mm

  • overall dimension: 590 x 525 x 510 mm, weight 51 kg

  • chamber volume 60 Liter

  • maximum loading 8 kg

  • maximum continuous operation 168 hours
  • Cat. # Description
    L091 Shaker-Incubator for Flasks
    L091-30 Platform with holders for 30 x 100 ml flasks
    L091-16 Platform with holders for 16 x 250 ml flasks
    L091-9 Platform with holders for 9 x 500 ml flasks
    l091-6 Platform with holders for 6 x 1000 ml flasks
    L091-P Platform flat with rubber mat
    Microprocessor controled Waterbath with magnetic Stirrer
    This compact waterbath are used in biological, medical and chemical research. The build in magnetic stirrer guarantees a constant water movement and therefor a better temperature stability. Temperature, time and stirring speed are displayed simultaneously.

  • temerature range 30°C bis 100°C

  • temperature stability 0,1°C

  • stainless steel tank with 4 liter capacity.

  • LED display

  • stirring speed 300 - 1000 rpm
  • dimensions 340 x 170 x 200 mm

  • dimensions of batharea 235x 135 x 110 mm

  • weight 4,9 kg
  • Cat.# Description Power
    L043 Waterbath/Magnetic Stirrer 220 Volt, 50Hz
    Universal-Water bath with Circulation
  • Waterbath with high temperature accuracy of 0,2°C.

  • stainless steel tank with 8 liter capacity.

  • heating range 30°C to 100°C

  • constant mixingfor even temperature distribution
  • LED display shows actual and set liquid temperature
  • weight 8kg, outer dimensions 390 x 280 x 27 0mm, bath area 240 x 180 x 140 mm

  • Cat.# Description Power
    L041 Universal Waterbath 220Volt,50Hz, 1000W
    Incubator hoods
    This proratable incubator hood can take laboratory equipment in coresponding size, when ever an external temperature area is necessary. Front- and upper side of the hood are made from transparent acryl to guarantee best view on your samples. The backside is made from black metal.

    temperature: RT to 65°C, temperature accuraccy: 0,2°C
    digital temperature- and time control
    air flow capacity: 260 m3/ hour., L090-L : 280 m3/ hour
    outside dimension: 500 x 510 x 525 mm (B x T x H)
    Cat.# usable chamber dimensions (WxDxH) Power
    L090-S 490 x 655 x 610 mm 220Volt,50Hz, 1000W
    L090-M 590 x 655 x 610 mm 220Volt,50Hz, 1000W
    L090-L 690 x 655 x 610 mm 220Volt,50Hz, 1000W

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