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Microtiter plate-Thermo-Shaker
This unique Microplate shaker combines Shaking and Heating. It can either shake or heat or shake/heat at same time two/four microplates. It provides shaking action 250 - 1.200 rpm / 2 mm amplitude. The heat is transfered to the sample from the platform and the heated lid. This heating from both sides guarantees a very good temperature stability at low evaporation. The temperature can be regulated from 25 °C or RT up to 60°C at L079/L079-4.
New is the Thermo Shaker L079-100 with temparature range from 25°C to 100°C

  • all electronical functions including the 96 hour timer are microprocessor controlled

  • shaking speed 250 to 1.200 rpm, to be set in steps of 10
  • amplitude 2mm

  • max. hight of plates 18 mm valid for all types

  • L079 weight 7,0 kg, dimension 270 x 260 x 125mm (W x D x H)

  • L079-100 weight 6,5 kg, dimension 270 x 260 x 125mm (W x D x H)

  • L079-4:weight 9 kg, dimension 380 x 390 x 140mm (W x D x H)

  • low voltage external power supply 12 volt, 4.16A

  • Cat.# Description
    L079 Shaker/Heater for 2 MTP`s up to 60°C
    L079-100 Shaker/ Heater for 2 MTP´s up to 100°C
    L079-4 Shaker/Heater for 4 MTP`s up to 60°C
    Thermo- Shaker for Micro- or Deep-Well-Plates
    V 2000 is a unique micro processor controlled shaker incubator for up to four microtitre plates. The three parameters, speed, temperature and time are programmed via the control panel. Count down remaining time as well as the other two parameters are displayed on the LCD. The plates remain visible to the user at all times under the clear protection cover. For added safety V 2000 is the only incubator on the market to work from a low voltage supply.

    V 2000 is available for all plate heights on request

  • Easy access to all four plates at all times for loading and unloading

  • Uniform heating via air circulation

  • Unique open construction for easy integration with robotic systems

  • Remote low voltage supply for your safety

  • Automatically adjusts to all voltage supplies from 100V to 240V, 50-60 Hz

  • Minimum bench space required

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • upgradeable for deep well plates

  • Optimal temperature uniformity of plates

  • Specifications:
  • Temperature range 5°C over RT to 45°C - uniformity +/- 1°C

  • speed 500-1.300 rpm in 10 rpm steps, 3 mm orbit
    timer 1-9999 minutes in 1 minute steps

  • operational conditions 12°C to 30°C

  • weight 4,2 kg, dimensions 200 x 520 x 220 mm (W x D x H)

  • Remote power supply 24V, 5.4A
  • Cat.# Descrition
    L092 Thermo- Shaker 4 Microtestplates
    L092-DW Thermo- Shaker 4 Deep-Well-Plates


    Microplate-Shake for two or four Plates
    This small, compact unit provides shaking of two or four microplates for immuno assays and agglitunation test.
    Needs small footprint only, dimension 220x205x90 mm (wxdxh)
    rotating shaking with speed of 150-1.000 rpm, orbit 2 mm, digital time display, timer 0-24 hours with auto stop.
  • working temperature +4°C to +45°C

  • weight 2,5 kg

  • Power supply 12Volt 500 mA, 110-230 Volt, 50/60 Hz
  • Cat.# Description
    L086 microplate shaker for 2 plates
    L086-A4 platform for 4 MTP´s
    Orbis "Personal Plate Shaker"
    Wheather for resaerch laboratory or diagnostic kit manufacturer, the personal plate shaker is your natural choice. Laboratory bench space is costly and with a small footprint that is just marginally larger than that of the microplates the shaker offers the most economical and advanced solutiopn for your shaking applications. For bigger demand 4-plate shaker is available too.

  • small handy microplate shaker

  • minimal footprint, dimensions: 
    L070/71: 93 x 133 x 87 mm (W x D x H)
    L071-4: 230 x 365 x 110 mm (Wx D x H)

  • open construction for integration in robotic systems

  • easy micro plate location by robot arm pick up

  • accomodates all styles of microplates in SBS – format

  • momentary shaking action

  • brushless DC motor for reliable long life

  • washable anti slip mat

  • variable speed: 950 – 1.300 rpm, orbit: 1 mm

  • optional with Timer: 1 – 180 min. (L071, L071-4)

  • environmental operating temperature: +10°C too +40°C

  • housing material: ABS

  • weight L070 / L071:715 g, L071-4: 3,1 kg

  • power supply L070/71:15V, 100 mA, DC, 230Volt, 50 / 60Hz
    L071-4:24 V, 400 mA, DC, 230Volt, 50 / 60Hz

  • pictured L071-4

  • Cat.# Description
    L070 Microplate shaker
    L071 Microplate shaker with timer
    L071-4 Microplate shaker for 4 plates
    L070-A Tray for 40x1,5/2,0ml tubes
    L070-D Lid, clear Styrene
    Personal Microplate Incubator
    The personal microplate incubator for reliable efficient and long life operation. Minimal footprint, dimensions 120x180x100mm (WxDxH).The use of unique design and advanced electronic temperature control circuitry guarantees an outstanding stable and accurate performance combined with quiet and long operating life.Temperature range 5°C above RT to 45°C, build in timer, accomodates all styles of microplates. minumum evaporation loses with uncovered plates, no maintenance required.

    Low Voltage for added safetey. Power supply 12Volt 2A DC, 100-230 Volt, 50/60 Hz, weight 920g.
    Cat.# Description
    L078 Microplate incubator
    Microtiter plate-/ Multi-Well-Plate-/ Microcentrifugetube-Shaker
    The shaker provides rotary shaking action: L027/L028 50 - 1.250 rpm
    L029, L030 50 - 900 rpm
    4mm amplitude. It is useful for all application like gentle shaking for cultures and strong shaking for tubes and MTP`s. The Shaker is microprocessor controlled and has a constant speed also at high frequency. More important for many applications is the gentle starting of the shaking process, which avoids a strong disturbing or squirt out of the sample at the start of the shaking action.
    the display shows set and real speed
    weight 4,7kg, dimension 240 x 250 x 175mm (L x W x H)
    all come inclusive platforms, trays optional
    Cat.# Description
    L027 Shaker for 4 MTP`s
    L028 Shaker for 8 MTP`s
    L029 Shaker for 4 Multi-Well Plates
    L030 Shaker for 4 x 20 1,5ml Tubes
    L030-0.5 Trays für 0,5ml Tubes 5 pc
    L030-1.5 Trays für 1,5ml Tubes 5 pc
    L030-2.0 Trays für 2,0ml Tubes 5 pc
    Mini 3D shaker
    A small 3D shaker - stainless steel housing, speed can be set stepless from 15 - 30 rpm, shaking angel 7°
  • optional platform for 26 tubes available

  • dimension: 150 x 85 x 100 mm

  • loading capacity: 500 g, platform size: 200 x 200mm

  • weight: 1,4 kg, power: 12Volt, 300mA
  • Cat. # Decription Power
    L040 3D-Shaker 220Volt/50Hz
    L040-A Tube Adapter
    Multi Dancer, the Multi-Talent
    Ideal shaker for agar-plating techniques.
  • reciprok-Shaking 0-360°, 30° increments, 0-250 sec timer
    3D-Shaking 0-360°

  • Vortexing 0 - 6°, 1° increments, 0 - 5 sec-timer

  • speed 5 - 30 rpm, rocking angel 7°

  • progarmmable cycles with up to 125 repeats

  • max. loading capacity 1kg
  • Cat. # Decription Power
    L045-N Multi Dancer 12Volt, 500mA
    A small rocker with variable shaking frequency from 7,5 - 30 rpm /min
  • rocking angel of 7°

  • the MINI-Rocker is equipped with a 0 - 24 hour timer and LED display.

  • dimension: 220 x 205 x 90 mm (WxDxH), weight: 1,6 kg

  • platform 200 x 200 mm, loading max. 500 g

  • external power supply: 12 Volt, 500mA
  • Cat. # Decription Power
    L024 MINI-Rocker 12Volt 500mA
    MIDI-Rocker and Orbital Shaker
  • A middle sized rocker with variable shaking speed from 5 - 100 rpm /min

  • rocking angel of 12°

  • loading capacity 15 kg

  • Orbitalshaker with shaking speed 5 - 200 rpm

  • loading capacity 10 kg

  • Specifications: 
  • equipped with a 1 - 9999 minute timer and LED display

  • optional available with a second platform

  • dimension: 260 x 310 x 130 mm, weight: around 7,0 kg

  • platform 260 x 260 mm with anti-slip-mat

  • power supply: 230 Volt, 50 Hz
  • Cat. # Decription Power
    L026 MIDI-Rocker 230 V/ 50Hz
    L026-OS Orbitalshaker 230 V/ 50Hz
    L026-P second platform
    Maxi Rocker
    A shaker in compact design with a smooth running, strong motor; platform with anti-slip mat. The shaker is very useful for cold rooms and rooms with high humidity
    dimension 300 x 300 mm, rocking angel 5,5° (on request with 4,5 or 7,5°)
  • variable speed of 12 - 50 rpm

  • loading capacity 5 kg

  • operating temperature from -5°C bis 60°C, maximum humidity 95%

  • weight 7 kg, Dimensionen: 335 x335 x 190 mm
  • Cat. # Decription Power
    L047 Maxi-Rocker 220Volt/50Hz
    Test Tube Rotator, variable speed
    The Test Tube Rotator provides diffusion, dialysis, extraction or mixing.

  • electronic controlled stepper motor provides speed from 5 - 50 rpm

  • timer set up of 0-99 hrs, 1-59 min

  • Test Tube Rotator is easy to handle through "Memory-" and "Restart"-functions

  • exchangable discs for tubes from 4 - 40 mm

  • Angel of rotation can be set from 27° - 90°

  • adapters allows the simultaneous run of 2 or 3 discs

  • dimensions: 200 x 200 x 250 mm (LxWxH)

  • weight: 3,5 kg; Motor 230 Volt, 50-60 Hz
  • Cat. # Description quantity x tube Ø
    L009 Variable Rotator
    L009-4 disc (0,5ml) 40 x 4 - 9mm
    L009-6 disc 30 x 6 - 9mm
    L009-9 disc (1,5/2,0ml) 20 x 9-12mm
    L009-12 disc (15ml) 20 x 12-16mm
    L009-16 disc 20 x 16-19mm
    L009-19 disc 18 x 19-22mm
    L009-22 disc 15 x 22-25mm
    L009-25 disc (50ml) 12 x 25-28mm
    L009-28 disc 10 x 28-32mm
    L009-32 disc 10 x 32-40mm
    L009-A adapter 1
    Test Tube Rotator
    For mixing, diffusion , dialysing, hybridisation etc.

    A synchronous motor with slow rotation speed of 10 rpm, which permits tube exchange while operating.
    The rotating disc can be set continuously at an angle between 90 and 27°. The disc has a diameter of 200 mm and has chemical resistant clamps.

    The instrument has a weight of 4 kg, dimension is 200 x200 x 205 mm (l x w x h)

    For ordering discs please use discs from L009!
    Cat. # Description Quantity x tube Ø
    L004 Rotator 230Volt,50-60Hz
    Mini – Rotator, Standard
    This is a place saving mixer fore 22 microcentrifuge tubes or 22 x 15ml tubes with maximum 15mm diameter.
    Specification Standard Rotator: speed 5 – 30 rpm, maximum continous operation time is 8 hours, digital timer, LED display
    weight: 1,0 kg, dimension: 310 x 110 x 175 mm
    delivered: rotator with standard platform
    Cat. # Description Power
    L053 Mini Rotator standard 12 Volt/ 500mA
    L053-16 platform for 4 tubes up to 30mm Ø / 12 tubes up to 15mm Ø
    Mini – Multi-Rotator
    This is a place saving mixer for 22 x 1,5/2,0 ml microcentrifuge tubes or 22 x 15 ml tubes up to max. 15 mm Ø..
    Specification Standard Rotator:

    specification Multi-Rotator: functions: rotation, vortexing 0-5°, reciprocal overheadmixing 15 - 90°,
    speed; 5 – 30 rpm
    continuous run by 24 hour timer
    weight: 1,8kg, dimension 310 x 110 x 175mm
    Cat. # Description Power
    L054-N Multi Rotator 12V,500mA
    L054-4/12 platform for 4x50/12x1,5-2,0-15ml
    Orbital Shaker
    Our traditional orbit shaker is now new designed with higher speed and more loading capacity. Advantages are also the "direct drive system" and a brushless motor with up to 35.000 hours operation before service would be necessary. The automatic loading balancing sytem makes it reliable for long non stop operation up to 96 hours.
    The unit with wide speed range, loading capacity of 3 kg and manifold choice of different platforms offers many applications in labs of microbiology, immunology, biochemistry and molecular biology.

  • Shaking speed 40 - 450 rpm

  • digital display and timer 1 min - 96 hours

  • orbit 10 mm

  • maximum loading capacity 3,0 kg

  • weight: 4,0 kg, dimension 220 x 205 x 90 mm
  • Cat. # description Platform size
    L044-N Orbital Shaker 12 Volt, 500 mA
    L044-F universal bottle platform with 3 adjustable bars 270 x 195
    L044-F/6 platform for 6 x 250 - 300ml 250 x 190
    L044-F/12 platform for 12 x 100 - 150ml 250 x 190
    L044-F/88 Platform for 88 tubes up to 30 mm diameter, 10-50 ml 250 - 190
    L044-P platform for petridishes etc. 220 x 220
    Orbitalshaker - MULTI-POWER
    The Orbital shaker MULTI-POWER is an ideal instrument for intensive mixing of biological suspensions or chemical componentes in bigger volumina with a total capacity of 8 kg. The shaker can be used continuously during several days (Maximum 7 days) for extractions, tissue cultures, rotation of closed flasks for dialysis.

    The shaker is easy to use, program changes can be done during operation. The 12 Volt external powersupply causes low energy demand and provides additional safety.

  • user friendly processor controlled program
  • 3-fold Modus: orbital, reciprocal-orbital, vibration

  • Shaking speed 20 - 250 rpm

  • digital display and timer 1 min-96 hours

  • orbit 20 mm, maxium load up 8,0 kg

  • large platform with fixation rolls

  • surrounding working temperature: 5 - 45°C, no wet-rooms

  • power DC 12 Volt, 4,16 A

  • weight: 14 kg, dimension 410 x 410 x 130 mm
  • Cat. # Description dimensions mm
    L048-N Orbital Shaker
    L048-F Platform with adjustable bars 345 x 430 x 105
    L048-F/30 Platform with holders for 30 x 100 ml flasks 360 x 400
    L048-F/16 Platform with holders for 16 x 250 ml flasks 360 x 400
    L048-F/9 Platform with holders for 9 x 500 ml flasks 360 x 400
    L048-F/6 Platform with holders for 6 x 1000 ml flasks 360 x 400
    L048-P platform with Anti-slip-mat 430 x 380 mm
    Rock´N Roller
    The Rock´N Roller keeps samples in gental motion by rocking while rolling.

    14 stainless steel rotating bars guarantee an even mixing of samples. The 14 rolls, size 208 x 10 mm(L x Ø) are moved with 10 rpm, rocking frequency is 5 cycles /minute at 35° movement.

    Weight: 3 kg, dimensions: 330 x 300 x 190mm (L x W x H)

    L005-V has a variable roll- and rocking speed, which is controlled by an external motor : 5 - 25 rpm; 2,5 -12,5 cycles/min

    L005-SL is a roller with 6 excentrical diagonal moving PVC-rolls, useful for bottles up to 1000 ml, constant rolling speed: circa 50 rpm The soft rocking causes a very care mixing, useful for blood, cell suspensions, chemical based fluids like colors, cosmetics, oils etc..
    Spezification: lenght of rolls 26mm, overall dimension: 380 x 270 x 100 mm (L x W x H)
    Cat. # Description Power
    L005 Rock´N Roller 220V, 50hz
    L005-V Rock´N Roller, variabel 220V, 50hz
    L005-SL Rock´N Roller, heavy 220V, 50hz
    Rotating Mixer, universal
    This unit provides even and careful mixing of suspensions, sampels of whole blood but also - due to high charging capacity - mixing or avoiding sedimentations of oil, cosmetiks and paints.

    The five PVC rolls are designed as synchronous rotating surface for bottles, while moving up and down gently at same time.

    As speciality single rolls can be taken out for use of larger bottles., further optional rolls without excentric turning can be inserted.

  • five excentric, diagonal moving PVC-rolles

  • useful for manifold bottles and tubes

  • constant speed: around 36 rpm

  • useful for whole blood and other hematological determinations and cell suspensions

  • loading: max. 2 kg

  • lenght of rolls: 320 mm

  • dimensions: 430 x 180 x 95 mm (L x B x H), Gewicht 3,7 kg

  • power: 220 – 230 V, 50 Hz

  • Cat. Nr. Description Speed
    L005-SLN Rotating Mixer Universal 36 rpm
    Rotary Mixer
    Cat. Nr. Description Rotating Mixer, universal
    The Rotary Mixer provides serial rotation of test tubes with a diameter range from 4 - 27mm. The mixer has a stepless controllable motor with a speed of 5-50 rpm. All parts are from aluminium or stainless steel construction. The drums and bars are easy to exchange. The digital read out shows speed and time from 1-99 hrs, 1-59 min. Easy handling is provided through "Memory-", "Restart-" und "autostop"-functions.

    Weight 3,3kg, dimensions 450 x 170 x 190mm(L x W x H), power 220volt/50Hz
    Cat. # Description Quantity x tubeØ
    L010 Rotary-Mixer
    L010-16 bar 20 x 16-20mm
    L010-19 bar 18 x 19-22mm
    L010-22 bar 18 x 22-27mm
    L010-4 drum 104 x 4 - 6mm
    L010-6 drum 104 x 6 - 9mm
    L010-9 drum 104 x 9-12mm
    L010-12 drum 48 x 12-16mm
    L010-912 drum 56 x 9-12mm
    Programmable Overhead Mixer "Multi-Mix"
    The overhead mixer "Multi-Mix" is a quiet and reliable microprocessor controlled unit for stirring up to 20 liters. "Multi-Mix" is usable up to seven days continuously. Three types of motion, standard, reciprocal and vibration, guarantee a strong mixing of fluids up to the medium viscosity area. "Multi-Mix" is an ideal equipment for laboratrories in biotechnology, analytic and chemical synthesis. Powered by an external 12 V/800 mA AC/Adapter it is safe and economical. The combination of three motion types provides a high level of homogenicity due to combination of laminar and turbulent flows, which causes faster dissolving of substances.

  • speed regulation range 40 - 1000 rpm

  • Timer for reciprocal motion 0- 250 seconds

  • Timer for vibration 0-5 secunds

  • General-Timer 1 min - 96 hours

  • dimensions 135 x 400 x 250 mm

  • weight 2,5 kg

  • power: 12 V/800 mA AC/Adapter
  • Cat. # Description
    L085 Multi-Mix
    L085-1 Paddel stirrer 70 x 70 mm
    L085-2 Propeller stirrer 2-blades 60 mm Durchmesser
    L085-3 Propeller stirrer 3-blades 50 mm Durchmesser
    L085-4 Anchor stirrer D= 90 mm, 48 mm Höhe
    L085-5 Centrifugal stirrer Durchmesser 50 mm
    Disperging- and Homogenizing System for Molekular biology
    This special developed handy mixer for smallest quantities in bio- and gentechnology guarantees the best possible dispersion and homogenization. Samples of tissue will be changed in seconds to an analysis suited material, resulting in bigger amounts and quality of isolated RNA. The system is easy to handle because of the uncomplicated change of rotors. The hand-disperging-/homogenizing sytem is useful for volumens up to 100ml. Further systems are available up to 10.000ml. Technical details:

    speed 5.000 - 35.000min-1

    weight 600g

    power input 145 Watt, power output 73 Watt
    Kat.# Description Speed min -1 Power Watt Working Volume
    L080 Miccra D-1 Antrieb 15.000-35.000 135 100ml
    L081 Miccra D-3 Antrieb 18.000 fix 350 5.000ml
    L082 Miccra D-8 Antrieb 11.000-39.000 850 20.000ml
    L083 Miccra D-15 Antrieb 8.500-34.500 1.500 50.000ml
    Application dip in Working Volume
    L080-20 DS-5/SK Zahnkranz 5mm smallest volumes 90-20mm 0,1- 10ml
    L080-100 DS-8/P Zahnkranz 8mm tissue 200-40mm 1 - 100ml
    L080-20/PG DS-20/PG Rotor 20mm solid/fluid systemes 200-40mm 100-5.000ml
    L080-20/PF DS-20/PF Rotor 20mm solid/fluid systemes 200-40mm 100-5.000ml
    L080-20/PG SmR DS-20/PG SmR cuttrotor 20mm fibrous materialies 200-40mm 100-3.000ml
    L080-20/PF SmR DS-20/PF SmR cutrotor 20mm fibrous materialies 200-40mm 100-3.000ml
    L080-30/PG DS-30/PG Rotor 30mm solid/fluid systemes 200-40mm 250-10.000ml
    L080-RW-30/PG RW-30/PG Mixrotor 30mm mix/cut 200-40mm 1.000-20.000ml
    Magnetic Stirrers and Hotplate Magnetic Stirrers
    electronical speed controll, speed range from 50 bis 1.250 rpm, double housing of aluminium and thermovacuum formed plastic, coated with electrostaticly applied powder, which is corrosion resistant; stirring capacity 5 or 20 liter
    Specification: weight 2,2 kg, dimension 172 x 286 x 80 mm(L x W x H)
    stainless steel 155 mm Ø

    Magnetic stirrer with Aluminium-hotplate for stirring and heating at same time or independant.
    Temperature range is 50 - 325°C at 600 Watt,
    speed range 50 - 1.250 rpm Mixing/heating on 145mm plate of volumina up to 5/ 10/ 20 liters.
    The aluminium housing is equipped with M10 threated support rod connection. Working temperature is 5-50°C, allowed humidity is 90%
    Specification: weight 2,8 kg, dimension 172 x 286 x 125 mm (L x W x H)
    Cat.Nr. Description motor rating in/out
    L012-5 Magnetic Stirrer 5 Liter 22 / 2,2 Watt
    L012-20 Magnetic Stirrer 20 Liter 13 / 5 Watt
    L014-5 Hotplate/Magnetic Stirrer 5 L 22 / 2,2 Watt
    L014-10 Hotplate/Magnetic Stirrer10 L 22 / 2,2 Watt
    L014-20 Hotplate/Magnetic Stirrer 20 L 22 / 5 Watt
    Mini-Magnetic Stirrer
    A small motor driven magnetic stirrer in a stainless steel housing with enough mixing power for many applications in the lab. Stepless speed regulation from 150 - 3000 rpm

    dimension: 120 x 150 x 65 mm
    dimension plate: 110 x110 mm
    mixing capacity: 2 liter
    weight: 1 kg
    external powersupply: 12Volt, 300 mA
    Cat. # description Electrical requirement
    L025 MINI-magnetic stirrer 12Volt, 300mA
    Multi Position Magnetic Stirrers
    All possibilities in one microprocessor controlled productline, all positions individual to control:
    with or without heating
    4 or 6 positions - square or bench form
    hotplates made from 120mm stainless steel
    speed range 50 – 1200 rpm, energy 10 – 300 Watt/ Position
    Cat.# Configuration Hotplate dimension weight kg
    L060 4-Position,bench form ohne 545 x 245 x 110 7,2
    L061 6-Position,bench form ohne 830 x 245 x 110 10
    L062 4-Position, square ohne 335 x 400 x 110 7
    L063 6-Position, quare ohne 500 x 400 x 110 9,8
    L064 4-Position,bench form mit 545 x 245 x 155 9,2
    L065 6-Position,bench form mit 830 x 245 x 155 13,2
    L066 4-Position, square mit 335 x 400 x 155 9,4
    L067 6-Position, square mit 500 x 400 x 155 13

    Para informarse de disponibilidad y precio, contacte con nosotros.


    High Speed Vortexer for Tubes
    This flexible unit was designed, to fulfill the increasing inquirements regarding mixing of samples. The Vortexer can be used in a variety of applications as general microtube mixing, mixing of e. g. suspensions of cells and microorganisms, chemicals and espcially when high speed vortexing is needed in DNA/RNA preparation steps in microcentrifuge or falcon tubes. For the preparation of sequencing steps is often high speed vortexing needed, which can be done with this vortexer up to 3.500 rpm.

    Shaking speed: 400 - 3.500 rpm, amplitude: 3 mm
    Timer 0- 60 minutes or non stopp ( maximum 8 hrs)
    Dimension: 145 x 170 x 180 mm, weight: 2,9 kg
    supply: vortexer without platform, please order platform separately
    Cat. # Description
    L087 High Speed Vortexer, power supply AC 12 Volt, 830 mA
    L087-32 platform for 16 x 1,5 ml - 8 x x0,5 ml - 8 x 0,2 ml tubes
    L087-8/15 platform for 8 x 15 ml tubes, D = 16 mm
    L087-4/50 platform für 4 x 50 ml tubes, D = 30 mm
    L087-10/10 platform für 10 x 10 ml tubes, D = 12 mm
    A space saving instrument to mix small samples in tubes from 1,5 to 50 ml. The MINI-Vortex can be used continuously or in the press-to-mix mode. Speed can be setted variable from 300 to 2.500 rpm
    Size: 90 x 150 x 80 mm ( W x D x H)
    Weight: 1,1 kg
    external Powersupply: 12 Volt/300 mA
    Cat. # Description Power
    L023 MINI-Vortex 12Volt/300mA
    Tube Vortexer
    A very economical priced equipment for mixing 0,2 - 0,5 -1,5/2,0 ml microcentrifugentubes,e.g for vortexing of bacteria/yeast cultures and for DNA/RNA purification.
    Spezifikation: capacity 9 x 0,2 ml - 8 x 0,5 ml - 16 x 1,5/2,0 ml
    speed variabel 250 - 3.000 rpm, amplitude 2 mm
    dimension / weight 120 x 180 x 100mm / 1,5 kg
    Cat. # Desciption Power
    L055 Tube Vortexer 12Volt/500mA
    Micro-Centrifuge, Vortex Mixer, "two in one"
    A space-saving and low cost combination of centrifuge and vortex in new design. Stopping long ways between centrifugation and vortexing. Tubes can be vortexed directly through the opening in the lid.
  • centrifugation speed 2.400 rpm at 700 x G
  • vortex speed 2.400 rpm
  • autostopp, when lid is open
  • continuous and impulse operation
  • weight: 2,1 kg, dimensions are 190 x 235 x 125 mm
  • The centrifuge - vortex mixer is supplied with two rotor-discs, one for 12 x 0,5 ml and 12 x 0,2 ml and one for 12 x 1,5 ml tubes.

    Cat. # Description Power
    MZ002 Centrifuge/Vortexmixer 220Volt, 50Hz
    MZ002-A-8x0,2 Rotor for 8er-strips 0,2 ml Tubes
    MZ002-18 18-Place-Rotor for 6 x 0,2/ 0,5/ 1,5 ml Tubes
    Multi-Fuge, 6.000 rpm: centrifuge or vortex, both in combination
    centrifuge: 2.000 - 6.000 rpm, 500- steps chooseable

    vortexing:soft - medium - hard

    1- 99 minutes timer, 999 repeats
    weight 2,5 kg, dimensions 190 x 235 x 125 mm

    rotor discs inclusive for 12x1,5 ml and 12 x 0,5/ 12x 0,2 ml
    Cat. # Description Power
    MZ009 Multifuge A/C 12 V, 1 A
    MZ009-A-8x0,2 Rotor for 8-Strips-0,2 ml tubes 0,2 ml Tubes

    Para informarse de disponibilidad y precio, contacte con nosotros.




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