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Micro-Centrifuge, "Sprout", the small complete Centrifuge
  • 6.000 rpm (2.000xg) for 6 x 0,5ml tubes, 6 x 1,5 ml tubes and 2 strips á 8 x 0,2 ml PCR tubes
  • ergonomical lid-design - start/stopp-function integrated
  • simple to clean durable ABS-cover
  • autostopp bei opening the lid
  • rotors simple to change with included allen wrench

  • helpful accessories inclusive:
  • rotor for 6 x 1,5/2,0 ml
  • rotor for 3 x 0,5 ml and 3 x 1,5/2,0 ml tubes
  • strip-rotor for two strips of 0,2 ml PCR-tubes
  • storage box for rotors to keep unused rotors safe on the bench
  • work-rack for 6 x 0,5 ml, 6 x 1,5 ml and 16 x 0.2 ml tubes for easy sample preparation
  • dimensions: 152 x 128 x 104mm (L x W x H), weight: 800g
  • Cat. # Description Power requirement
    MZ001-SP Micro-Centrifuge with complete accessories 220Volt,50Hz
    Micro-Centrifuge, Vortex Mixer, "two in one"
    A space-saving and low cost combination of centrifuge and vortex in new design. Stopping long ways between centrifugation and vortexing. Tubes can be vortexed directly through the opening in the lid.
  • centrifugation speed 2.400 rpm at 700 x G
  • vortex speed 2.400 rpm
  • autostopp, when lid is open
  • continuous and impulse operation
  • weight: 2,1 kg, dimensions are 190 x 235 x 125 mm
  • The centrifuge - vortex mixer is supplied with two rotor-discs, one for 12 x 0,5 ml and 12 x 0,2 ml and one for 12 x 1,5 ml tubes.

    Cat. # Description Power
    MZ002 Centrifuge/Vortexmixer 220Volt, 50Hz
    MZ002-A-8x0,2 Rotor for 8er-strips 0,2 ml Tubes
    MZ002-18 18-Place-Rotor for 6 x 0,2/ 0,5/ 1,5 ml Tubes
    Multi-Fuge, 6.000 rpm: centrifuge or vortex, both in combination
    centrifuge: 2.000 - 6.000 rpm, 500- steps chooseable

    vortexing:soft - medium - hard

    1- 99 minutes timer, 999 repeats
    weight 2,5 kg, dimensions 190 x 235 x 125 mm

    rotor discs inclusive for 12x1,5 ml and 12 x 0,5/ 12x 0,2 ml
    Cat. # Description Power
    MZ009 Multifuge A/C 12 V, 1 A
    MZ009-A-8x0,2 Rotor for 8-Strips-0,2 ml tubes 0,2 ml Tubes
    SM-9000 Microcentrifuge for 12 x 1,5/2,0 ml
  • small - handy - fast
  • within 2 seconds up to 9000 rpm, constant speed, 5.000 x g
  • lid open > dynamic breaking
  • rotor inclusive for 12 x 1,5 ml/2,0 ml tubes
  • brushless run in solid metal housing
  • dimensions: 200 x 170 x 150 mm (LxWxH)
  • weight 3 kg
  • Cat. # Power
    MZ008 220V, 50-60Hz
    MZ008-A-8x0.2 Rotor for 2 x 8er Stips 0,2 ml
    EBA 20 small centrifuge for 8 x 15 ml Tubes
    The practical and handy EBA 20 is the ideal centrifuge for low sample quantities.
    It is supplied with an 8-place angle rotor and fitted with the E control panel.
    The rotor can be used with following tubes:
  • 8 x 15ml (17 x 100mm)
  • 4 x 15ml, Falcons with Screwcaps (17 x 120mm)
  • 8 x 9 - 10ml Blood collection tubes (16,5 x 92mm)
  • 4 x 8ml Bloodcollection tubes (16 x 125mm)
  • 8 x 8,5 - 100ml Blood collection tubes (16x100mm)
  • technical specification: lid locking and holding device; display of real speed
  • speed: 6.000 rpm, to set in steps of 100, 3.421 x g
    dimension/weight: 215 x 231 x 292 (HxWxD), 4kg
  • Cat. # Power
    MZ007 208-240V, 50/60Hz
    Laboratory-Centrifuge for 50 ml Falcons and Microtestplates
    MZ-014 is a modern benchtop laboratory medical centrifuge useful for sedimentation of cells, bacteria, yeast, formed blood elements. It provides operation with tubes and microtest plates. MZ014 is designed for safe work (metal protecting housing), easy maintenance and wide application range in medical, biochemical, industrial and other type laboratories.

  • variable speed 100 - 3000 rpm, with microplate rotor max 2.000 rpm, 560 x g
  • Display LCD
  • centrifugation time max. 1 to 90 minutes
  • Dimensions 470 x 400 x 203 mm, weight ca 13,5 kg
  • Cat. # Description
    MZ014 Laboratory-Centrifuge, 220 Volt, 50 Hz
    MZ014-MTP Rotor for 2 Microtestplates
    MZ014-17100 swing out rotor for 12 x 10 ml/17x100 mm
    MZ014-17120 swing out rotor for 12 x 15 ml/17x120 mm Falcons
    MZ014-29115 swing out rotor for 6 x 50 ml/29x115 mm Falcons
    "Smart Runner", Microlitercentrifuge for molecularbiology, powerful and low priced, 14.000 rpm,15.558 x g
    This microlitercentrifuge is delivered complete with angel rotor inclusive lid for 24 x 1,5/2,0 ml tubes. Smart Runner is going quickly to the maximum speed and fits on small space on the laboratory desc.

    The advantages:
  • lid locking and holding device
  • lid-open-button
  • emergency lid lock release
  • motor overheating protection
  • imbalance switch-off
  • settings of parameters by foil keyboard
  • speed increments 100 rpm, continuous run, short run
    timer 1 to 99 minutes
  • dimensions 199 x 231 x 292 mm (HxWxD), weight around 7,0 kg
  • Cat. # Description
    MZ010-1242 Smart Runner inclusive 24-fold Rotor
    MZ010-2024 Adapter for 0,2 ml PCR tubes
    MZ010-2023 Adapter for 0,5 ml tubes
    "Cool Sprinter" Microlitercentrifuge uncooled or cooled -10°C - 40°C, 14.000 rpm, 18.626 x g
    Cool Sprinter is one of the fastest in his range. The maximum Speed is 14.000 rpm, RCF is 18.626 x g. With "Fast Cool" mode the centrifuge cools in 10 to 15 minutes to 4°C. Thermo sensitive samples can be centrifuged carefully because of this reliable cooling. The smooth running and powerful motor with service free drive guarantees best separation results. Aerosol tight and autoclavable accessories are available for save handling of infectious material.

    Comfort: display of IS-Situation during the run
    well readable digital display
  • motor lid locking
  • impulse key for short run
  • lid-open-key
  • RCF-key
  • speed increments 100 rpm
  • running time max. 99 minutes
  • Cooling MZ011: temperature in 1°C-steps from -10 to 40°C
  • pre-cooling function
  • stand-by cooling
  • automatic stop at lid opening or end of time setting
  • Safety: stop-display
  • microprocessor - controlled
  • lid locking and emergency lid lock release
  • motor- overheating protection
  • imbalance switch of
  • dimensions (HxBxT) MZ011-UK: 260 x 275 x 347 mm, weight 11,5 kg, MZ011: 260 x 281 x 547 weight 28 kg
  • g-force is depending on used Rotor/Tube as listed below.
  • Cat. # Rotorcapacity RCF (g-Force)
    MZ011-UK Sprinter centrifuge
    MZ011 Cool Sprinter centrifuge
    MZ011-2425 Aerosol tight lid for 2424/2430
    MZ011-2424 Rotor for 24 x 1,5/2,0 ml Tubes 18.662
    MZ011-2430 Rotor for 30 x 0,5 ml Tubes 17.749
    MZ011-2018 Rotor for 4 x Strips á 0,2 ml PCR Tubes 12.490
    MZ011-2040 Lid for Rotor 2018
    MZ011-2024 Reduction for 0,2 ml PCR Tubes
    MZ011-2023 Reduction for 0,5 ml Tubes
    "ROTOFIX 32A" Table-centrifuge 6.000 rpm, 4.186 x g, 4 x 100 ml or 28 x 15 ml
    ROTOFIX 32A is a robust table-centrifuge for daily routine in research und hospital laboratory. The centrifuge is well equipped for tasks in clinical chemistry and cytology.The maximum speed is 6.000 rpm, RCF is 4.186 x g. The smooth running and powerful motor with service free drive guarantees best separation results.

    Comfort: well readable digital display, waterproof foil
    lid locking and closing
    Switch over during the run to coose rpm or rcf
    impulse key for short run

    speed increments 100 rpm
    running time max. 99 minutes

  • automatic rotor recognise
  • motor- overheating protection
  • imbalance switch -off
  • window in lid
  • dimensions (HxWxD) MZ015: 257 x 366 x 430 mm, weight 25,0 kg
  • g-force is depending on used rotor/tube as listed below.
  • Cat. # Rotor capacity RCF (g-Force)
    MZ015 ROTOFIX 32A Centrifuge
    MZ015-1624 swing out rotor 4-fold without suspension 2.665
    MZ015-1369 suspension for 1624 for 4 tubes 17x100 mm
    MZ015-1381 reduction for 1624 for tubes max.100 ml
    MZ015-1382 hygienic lid PC for beaker 1381
    MZ015-1348 reduction for 4 Vacutainer 16x75 / 100 mm
    MZ015-1418 Winkelrotor 8-fach ohne Gehänge 45° 2.596
    MZ015-1467 Suspension for 1418 für 4 x 15 ml, 17 x 120 mm
    MZ015-1468 Einsatz for 1418 für 1 x 50 ml, 29 x 115 mm
    MZ015-1398 light metal suspension for 1324
    MZ015-1483 reduction for 1398, 4 x 15 ml Falcon
    MZ015-1617 swing out rotor 8x50 ml Falcon 45° 2.469
    MZ015-1619 swing out rotor 6x50 ml Falcon 90° 2.701
    MZ015-1462A reduction for 15 ml Falcon tubes
    MZ015-1628 swing out rotor 12-fold withot suspension 2.683
    MZ015-1621 suspension for rotor 1628 f. 17x100 mm
    MZ015-1660 cyto-beaker, PA-lightmetal for rotor 1624
    MZ015-1648 cyto-rotor 8-fold with cytochambers
    Microcentrifuge, with or without refrigeration -20°C up to +40°C, 18.000 rpm
    Small bench top centrifuge for molecular biology, virology and bacteriology. Tube volume 0,2 ml up to 50 ml and hematocrit capillaries. Brushless drive guarantees exceptionally smooth running and speed stability; metal housing, centrifugation chamber made from easy to clean stainless steel; safety lid with window for speed control; lid looking and holding devise; automatic recognise of the rotor, autoclavable fixed angel and swinging rotors, three running programs can be stored;
    temperature set from -20°C up to +40°C;
    timer 1-99 min. speed: angle rotor 18.000 rpm at RCF of max. 31.867 x g
    swing out rotor 13.000 rpm at RCF of max 18.516 x g

    Specifications: temperature MZ005: -20°C bis +40°C; timer 1 - 99 minutes weight MZ005: 36 kg, dimension 178 x 333 x 620 mm (H x W x D)
    weight MZ005-UK: 16 kg, dimension 278 x 333 x 390mm (H x W x D)
    Cat. # Description Capacity ml or mm RCF
    MZ005 cooling centrifuge up to -20°C 50 ml max.
    MZ005-UK centrifuge without cooling 50 ml max.
    MZ005-1154 swing out rotor 90° 24 x 0,5/1,5/2,0 ml 18.516
    MZ005-1195A angel rotor, aerosol tight 24 x 0,5/1,5/2,0 ml 31.514
    MZ005-2024 reduction for 0,2ml PCR tubes
    MZ005-2023 reduction for 0,5ml tubes
    MZ005-1189A angel rotor, aerosol tight 30 x 0,5/1,5/2,0 ml 21.255
    MZ005-1158L angel rotor, aerosol tight 48 x 1,5/2,0 ml 21.255 outer row
    MZ005-1160 angel rotor for PCR-strips 6 x 8x0,2 ml 18.845
    MZ005-1161 drum rotor, 6-fold with lid 60 x 1,5 ml 14.150
    MZ005-1377 drum rack 10 x 1,5/2,0 ml 14.150
    MZ005-1378 drum rack 32 x 0,4 ml Beckman 14.150
    MZ005-1379 drum rack 21 x 0,8 Bd oder 21 x 0,5 ml 14.150
    MZ005-1020 swing out rotor for MZ005 only 8x10 ml/17x70; 5 ml/12x75 2.879
    MZ005-1015 swing out rotor for MZ005 only 12x15 ml/17x100; 12x5 ml/12x75 4.105
    MZ005-1016 angel rotor for MZ005 only 6x50 ml/29x107; 3x50 ml/Falcon 3.904
    MZ005-1023 Hematocrit-rotor with lid 24 capillaries 21.382
    Universal 320, without or with refrigeration -20°C up to +40°C, 18.000 rpm
    These universal table centrifuge is useful for sedimentation of cells, bacteria, yeast, DNA/RNA and for proteinprecipitation. Universal 320 means perfectly smooth running at both high and low speeds, versatility, an enormous range of easily interchangable accessories and high RCF (23.907 for microtubes, 9.418 for 85 ml tubes). Tubes in volume from 0,2ml to 100ml, microtiterplates, haematocrit capillaries and ZYTO-accessories can be used at small lab-space. Extremly short run up- and run down times, impulse-button, RPM or RCF-setting in 10- steps as well as 3 runningprogramms make the centrifuge user friendly.
    Specifications: Temperaturerange MZ012: -20°C to +40°C; Timer 1-99 minutes
    weight MZ012: 52 kg, dimension 346 x 401 x 695 mm (H x W x D)
    weight MZ012-UK: 29 kg, dimension 346 x 395 x 520 mm (H x W x D)

    The complete assessories are available on request, please ask us for the possibilties for your tube, so far not listed.
    Kat. # Description Capacity in ml RCF
    MZ012 Cooling centrifuge to -20°C 100 ml max.
    MZ012-UK Centrifuge without cooling 100 ml max.
    MZ012-1689A Angel rotor 45°aerosol tight 30 x 0,5/1,5/2,0 ml 21.255
    MZ012-1612 Angel rotor with lid 12 x 0,5/1,5/2,0 ml 16.602
    MZ012-1613 Angel rotor 12-place 12x15 ml/17x100; 6x15 ml/Falcon 4.146
    MZ012-1420 Angel rotor aerosoltight 24 x 0,5/1,5/2,0 ml 21.382
    MZ012-1460 Swing out rotor w/o suspension 2-place MTP 2.093
    MZ012-1453 Suspension for 1 MTP-Platte for -1460
    MZ012-1645 Swing out rotor 4-place MTP 1.896.
    MZ012-4345 suspension f. MZ012-1645 1 steel suspension
    MZ012-1617 Swing out rotor w. suspension 8 x 50 ml Falcon, 45° 3.857
    MZ012-1619 Swing out rotor w. suspension 6 x 50 ml Falcon, 90° 2.701
    MZ012-1462A Adapter for MZ012-1617/1619 for use of 15ml Falcons
    MZ012-1624 Swing out rotor 4-place 2.665
    MZ012-1381 Metal beaker for MZ012-1624 1 x100 ml
    MZ012-1650 Hematocrit-rotor w.lid 24 capillaries
    MZ012-1626 Rotor for ZYTO suspensions 6-place 2.093
    Rotina 380, without or with refrigeration -20°C up to +40°C, 15.000 rpm, RCF up to 24.400
    The high performance bech-top centrifuges Rotina 38 impress by state-of-the-art technology, large capacity, extremely easy handling and exeptionally smooth and quiet running. They are mainly used in the fiels of diagnostic, genetic research and microbiology. Volumes from 0,2ml up to 250ml at large capacities as 10 x 50 ml Falcons, 48 x 15 ml or 4 x 250 ml are no problem. Extremly short run-up and run down times, impulse-button, RPM input in increments of 10 or RCF-input in increments of 1 as well as 3 running programms make this centrifuge very easy to operate.
    It features also high safety standards: metalhousing and -lid, automatic rotorrecognition, imbalance switsch of, lid locking and holding, emergency lid lock release, brushless induction drive.

    Specificationes: Temperature range MZ013: -20°C to +40°C; Timer 1-99 minutes
    weight MZ013: 73 kg, dimension 380 x 468 x 721 mm (H x B x D)
    weight MZ013-UK: 43 kg, dimension 380 x 468 x 563 mm (H x B x D)

    The complete assessories are available on request, please ask us for the possibilties for your tube, if not listed.
    Cat. # Description Capacity ml RCF
    MZ013 Cooling centrifuge up to -20°C 250ml max.
    MZ013-UK Centrifuge without cooling 250ml max.
    MZ013-1789 Angel rotor 45°aerosol tight 30 x 0,5/1,5/2,0ml 24.400
    MZ013-1760 Swing out rotor 45° 2-place MTP, 45° 2.075
    MZ013-1753 Suspension for MZ013-1760 metal suspension
    MZ013-1717 Swing out rotor 10-place 45° w. suspension f. 10 x 50ml Falcons 4.556
    MZ013-1462A Suspension for MZ013-1717 for 15ml Falcons
    MZ013-1726 Swing out rotor 6-place 90° 2.808
    MZ013-1742 Suspension for MZ013-1726 7x15ml/17x100
    MZ013-1748 Rotor for ZYTO Becher 8-place

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